Energy Fresh Express delivers fresh, frozen, and heated shipping services to and from Canada and the USA. Our temperature-controlled technology is state-of-the-art, and ensures optimal conditions for your product. Our temperature-controlled units are equipped with real-time monitoring of the temperature in the trailer, ensuring that the product remains at the perfect temperature at all times.


Our dedicated fleet of temperature-controlled units get your produce where it needs to go, on-time and ready for consumers. Our personalized service means that your freight gets from farm to table with no wasted time or money.

  • Fresh
  • Frozen
  • Temperature Control


Whether you’re a farmer who needs to get your peaches to the local grocery store while they’re still perfect, or a local buyer who needs 40, 000 pounds of lettuce shipped from California before Monday morning, we’ve got temperature-control down to a science.


Our specialized equipment lets you transport frozen produce, meat, fish, frozen bakery goods – among other cold or frozen cargo. Our daily or even hourly runs across North America, including cross borders, mean that your freight gets there on time, in perfect condition, every time.

Temperature Control

All of your temperature-sensitive goods are handled perfectly with Energy Fresh Express. Delicate pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and even specialized computer equipment – we understand the need for constantly monitored temperature control. We’ll ensure safe, fast delivery, all at the right heat.